Hotel Bern, Zeughausgasse 9, 3011 Bern

17.11.2023 14:00 - 18.11.2023 13:00



Dear SGRM members, dear Swiss reproductive physicians and embryologists,

Ninetyfour Swiss attendants at the second SWISS POST-ESHRAM meeting in 2022 withan overall score of 5.6 (6 = maximum) is a real statement. SWISS POST-ESHRAM hasbecome an established meeting for Swiss IVF centers and any other people interestedin Swiss reproductive medicine and embryology.

Based on the evaluation the meeting will again take place in Bern in the same meetinghall as in 2022. As in 2022, six Swiss reproductive physicians and embryologists andone moderator will focus on exciting new and established reproductive medicine andembryology topics which have been presented at ESHRE and ASRM 2023.

And based on the feedback at our last meeting, the Swiss evening will again take placein the wonderful Italian restaurant "Verdi".

The SGRM welcomes you to the 3rd Post-ESHRAM meeting in the middle of Switzerland, in Bärn.

Michael von Wolff
President of SGRM


Hotel rooms can be booked by emailing reception(at)hotelbern.ch  with the keyword ESHRAM 2023 at a special rate.