Auditorium PATERNOT AGORA Rue du Bugnon 25A, 1005 Lausanne

15.09.2022 08:00 - 18:00


Dear Colleagues, Dear friends,

Ultra-high dose rate irradiations remarkably spare normal healthy tissues, while retaininganti-tumor efficacy. This outstanding observation, referred as "FLASH effect", isopening new horizons in radiation oncology. However how to use FLASH clinically isnot fully understood and a matter of debate.

To stimulate the clinical translation of FLASH Therapy, CHUV and ISREC foundationare organizing on the 15th of September 2022 a one Day Multidisciplinary Workshopgathering distinguished international experts for FLASH, and entitled :

"... Debates on clinical translation of FLASH radiotherapy ..."

The workshop will provide a unique stage for debates and open round table discussionson key aspects and controversies for the clinical transfer of FLASH therapy :

◊ How robust and clinically meaningful is FLASH ?
◊ What is the best clinical modality for FLASH ... protons... electrons... other... ?
◊ What are the critical FLASH parameters for clinical translation ?
◊ What are the missing pre-clinical data for optimizing FLASH clinical use ?
◊ Is the technology ready for beam diagnostics, dosimetry and TPS ?
◊ How to combine FLASH with high precision delivery ?

The key industrial partners for FLASH therapy are supporting the meeting, providingadditional opportunities for fruitful interactions among participants.

We look forward to welcoming you at this exiting meeting in the nice city of Lausanne !

Prof. Jean BOURHIS, UNIL-CHUV, Lausanne
Prof. Marie Catherine VOZENIN, UNIL-CHUV Lausanne
Prof Susan GASSER, ISREC Foundation, Lausanne
On behalf of the organizing committee

The symposium is fully booked.