Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society of Neonatology 2022

Kongresshaus Biel/Bienne

18.01.2022 08:00 - 18:00


Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

Due to a tiny virus, we almost forgot that our patients need daily medical attention and treatment for a multitude of reasons, some of which are related to infections while others are of an entirely different background. We all know that the perinatal period is a very vulnerable phase during life and that disorders encountered during this critical time period may have long-term consequences and may negatively influence neurodevelopmental outcome.

At the annual meeting in Biel/Bienne, we would like to present you different therapeutic approaches and interventions to support infants at risk of neurodevelopmental impairment and further discuss their neurodevelopmental outcome. We chose to focus on a subset of populations at risk, namely preterm infants, infants with congenital heart disease, and infants with neonatal seizures.

Go, have a look at the program with the different interesting lectures !

In addition, this meeting is a great opportunity to present your new scientific projects or interesting clinical cases. And then, of course, it's a fabulous event for networking.

For the Organizing Committee 2022

Dr Mathias Gebauer, Neonatologist, Spitalzentrum Biel
Pr Giancarlo Natalucci, Neonatologist, Klinik für Neonatologie, USZ


IMPORTANT : , in order to allow us to hold a face-to-face meeting in the greatest conviviality and tranquillity, we invite you to bring your valid COVID certificate (QR code) as well as an identity document. We ask all attendees to be either vaccinated or have recovered < 6 months ago (NO covid test accepted). We regret to inform you that without a valid COVID certificate you will unfortunately be refused access to the congress, and therefore invite those who do not have a valid COVID certificate to anticipate the procedures for obtaining it. The congress will NOT be broadcasted live. We think that we as a medical society have to set an example, and warmly thank all of you for your kind understanding.

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE WAS NOVEMBER 1, 2021. The submission process is closed. Authors have been informed.