IBUS: Advanced Breast Imaging Seminar 2018

Technopark, Zürich

09.03.2018 08:00 - 10.03.2018 18:00


Dear Colleagues,

In the name of the organizing committee and the IBUS faculty members, we wish you a very warm welcome to Zürich, and to this IBUS: Advanced Breast Ultrasound course.

This program will again demonstrate the top standards in comprehensive breast diagnosis and is designed to circulate actual information concerning the whole scope of breast imaging. It is directed to sonographers (radiologists, gynecologists and surgeons) who accept the importance of having a conclusive diagnosis before any open surgery.

You will find yourself in the middle of a rejuvenated area of the city with many new facilities such as cinemas, restaurants, hotels and also a number of shops. The Hardbrücke is the next town trains stop approximately 800 meters from the meeting venue, and from there you can reach downtown by train within a few minutes. After having already met in Zürich for eight IBUS programs in the Technopark and the facilities of the University Hospital of Zürich, we decided again for the Technopark, where teaching, learning and friendship could be best brought together under the one roof.

This part of the Technopark was built 25 years ago, and since 1993 hundreds of motivated, future-oriented people have been working within the Technopark site in different fields which include industrial, commercial and service enterprises and also in industry-oriented research teams.

The main goal will be to have again a consensus meeting and consensus statements regarding B3 lesions - this will (after 2016) be the second official international consensus conference on B3 lesions. We wish you an enjoyable stay in Zürich, and hope that you will benefit from the expert faculty which has come to share their knowledge with you.

We thank all the faculty members, sponsors, the European School of Oncology (ESO) and the Swiss Society of Senology who all support this IBUS meeting.

Christoph Rageth (Chairman)
Local Organizing Committee


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