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10.09.2021 08:00 - 11.09.2021 18:00


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Dear Colleagues,

Together with the Co-President of the Congress Prof. Walter Weber, it is with our great pleasure to announce the 44th Annual Congress of the Swiss Society of Senology on the 10th of September 2021 to which we would like to invite you to Basel.

Two things we have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic: On the one hand, we were and are forced to significantly change our way of scientific and clinical exchange towards a more or less Web based format. On the other hand, we increasingly realized that the interdisciplinary and interprofessional face-to-face discussion remains of enormous importance. Therefore, we decided to organize a hybrid meeting giving you the opportunity to meet good friends and colleagues, build and cultivate friendships, exchange on a high clinical and scientific level and learn from the experts. In addition, all scientific sessions will be available on demand, so you can flexibly access and watch them during or after the conference.

Tremendous improvements and changes as well as significant innovations took place over the last year improving diagnostic and treatment of breast cancer patients even though COVID-19 had a stranglehold over all scientific activities.

We are very happy that we could win several national and international experts representing all subspecialties of Senology to contribute to our annual meeting of the SSS.

We also appreciate the work and efforts of our next generation of senologists, who will present their results in basic and clinical research.

Together with the MIBB symposium this meeting offers a comprehensive overview in a very attractive location, so come on over, be informed, be connected and be part of it. It surely will be a great event and we hope to welcome many of you in Basel.


Prof. Martin Haug
SSS Congress President

Prof. Walter Weber
SSS Congress Co-President

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